Janeil Pierre, MBA, AFC®, BCCC

The Financial Pilot

Janeil Pierre is the Financial Consultant every professional needs in their life—and in their wallet. Backed by industry-certified expertise, her own struggle-to-success story, and her pure love for helping others achieve their financial goals, Janeil is on a mission to help more professionals build wealth through proper credit education and utilization.

A bona fide mastermind when it comes to all things personal finance, Janeil knows from experience how quickly any professional can transform their financial reality with the right tools, knowledge, and support.

After working closely with several professionals at the beginning of her career, Janeil soon realized that more professionals needed to elevate from barely getting by to experiencing the fullness of life on their terms.

Fast forward a few years, and Janeil has since helped hundreds of professionals bounce back from low credit scores, debt, and financial insecurities to buy homes and start businesses through her training, coaching, and community.

Using her practical approach to financial management, Janeil is showing professionals everywhere what a fulfilling life really looks like—financial confidence, freedom, and dreams that they didn’t believe were possible. And as she is helping clients to create their own legacies, hers will be a bold breed of professionals who refuse to accept broke for an answer.

Personal Message

I appreciate you stopping by; welcome! The fact that you’re here means that you already believe that you deserve more – just like I did when I was broke, hungry, and sleeping on floors with a 540 credit score.

My dream of purchasing my own home and a car motivated me to keep pushing to learn everything I could about credit and wealth. I spent hours every day researching, pouring over articles, and asking questions to anyone I thought would know the answer because I couldn’t stand to let my dreams die. 

I put into practice everything I learned, and within 2 years, I was able to buy my first car. The year after that, I bought my very first home. I’ve been on a wealth-building journey ever since. 

But even bigger than that is the people I’ve been able to help along the way. You see, I firmly believe that you deserve everything you dream of; all you need is knowledge, a good strategy, and support. 

Building credit and wealth doesn’t happen overnight, but the journey doesn’t have to be difficult or lonely, so let’s do it together… 

So, join us inside The Credit Millionaires’ Lounge We’ll love to have ya 🙂

Freedom is the destination, baby!

Your Financial Pilot ~ Janeil